Positions in Home Health Care

There is an ever increasing need for professionals in the home health care industry. If you are considering a career path, or have decided you want to make a career change, you will find a variety of positions that fall under the home health care tag. This has been marked as an industry that is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.

Although the majority of home health care positions involve services for our geriatric community, there are also positions available to provide for younger patients that are ill or disabled. The needs are great in this industry; however, the variety of positions available may not be as diverse. This job field does offer a variety of rewards in that the services you offer improve the quality of life for those that require the services.

If you are more management minded and want to make a difference, you could consider a career as a placement agent or account manager. A job such as this will place you in the interview phase of the home health care process. You will meet with the family or the client and assess their needs and help create a plan of action that will provide the best options for the care needed.

If you prefer to work directly with the patient, you could consider becoming a home health aide. This job will allow you to interact directly with the patient. This is a good position for someone that wants to see the immediate rewards of the efforts they put into their job. You can work directly for the patient, or their family, or you can work through an agency that will place you with a patient.

There are several types of positions in most home health care agencies, but the two most common are Personal Care Aide (PCA) or a Home Health Aide (HHA). Both of these positions require specific training and supervision by a Registered Nurse. Although both positions are similar, there are some differences between the two.

A Personal Care Aide gives the patient help with the activities required for daily living. They may help bathe the patient and help them with walking and exercise. They are also trained to assist with toileting, and transfers with mechanical lifts. A PCA will often be employed to assist with cleaning, running errand, and providing meals.

A Home Health Aide provided all the nonprofessional nursing services listed above. They can provide all the same services as a PCA, but a HHA is additionally trained in other areas. They often provide services such as recording fluid intake, or taking the vital signs of the patients. They may also provide assistance with bandage changes and are trained to recognize signs of infection.

This industry is one that provides the benefit of a career that leaves you feeling like you have made a difference at the end of the day. Although the home health care industry may not provide a lot of flexibility in positions, it does provide an ample supply of job opportunities because of our aging population.

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Where To Search For Home Health Aide Jobs

Healthcare is among the fastest growing fields in the US, and home health aide (HHA) jobs are very well sought after. A HHA career can be a great spot to begin if you’re looking for a healthcare job that needs minimal entry requirements.

With a couple of weeks of training and the end of a state-mandated test (if required) you can establish yourself as a HHA. You’ll most likely work with the supervision of a healthcare professional, typically a qualified nurse. Getting a HHA job may be a stepping-stone on the route of upward mobility within the healthcare field.

HHA Jobs

As an HHA, you have an option to earn a living by working for another person, as an employee, or you can decide to work for yourself through self-employment. If you choose to have work for a company as an employee, various types of employers are available to you. The types of employers include home health care agencies, hospice care services, assisted living facilities, state or state welfare agencies, residential and nursing care facilities, and social assistance agencies.

Of the different kinds of organizations hiring for home health aides for careers, home health care agencies hire the greatest percentage of HHAs in the area of home care industry.

In the beginning of your HHA career, it is probably best to begin working with an agency or service so you will be sure to get the skills necessary to perform your work duties properly. The benefits of this that is you will be teamed as a part of a healthcare team to help you. When starting at an agency, you will probably get on-the-job HHA classes and be with the supervision of a knowledgeable health professional such as a RN. An agency company almost certainly will provide you with ongoing education and educational opportunities for advancement.

With regards to the state where you reside, specific requirements must be satisfied to benefit a house healthcare agency. Chances are that doing work for a company will require you to have a HHA certificate. This is because the federal government states that organizations with Medicaid and Medicare customers that staff be certified.

When getting a HHA job at an agency, you will be assigned to patients that the agency has found acquired. Therefore you’ll not need to get your own personal customers.

Employment at a company also can give you flexibility for the operating hours – both full and part-time. You can just work at any time during day, if you can make yourself available. Doing work for blocks of hours each day, day or evening are options. You may work repeatedly with one customer every day, or just several days a week. Or maybe you’ll have numerous clients during the day that you use.

The company may also look after withholding taxes and mail you an annual W-2 form for your tax returns. They might also provide other advantages such as medical insurance, holiday, paid sick days and vacations.

A downside to working at a company regards the guidelines when working with your clients. If you’re preparing food for your customers, company rules may prohibit you from sharing food with them and you may be asked to pack and carry your own individual food. Still another situation could be that you will be not always assigned to the same consumers on a routine basis. Principles and processes like these does not allow for HHAs to develop healthy relationships using their clients. But based on what suits you most useful, these may or may perhaps not be issues for you to work for a property health care agency.


Being self-employed, otherwise called an independent contractor, means that you’re not associated with an agency or supervised by a healthcare professional. You are in control of obtaining and accepting your own personal clients, establishing work schedules and hourly costs, creating task deals, and paying self-employment taxes. You’ll be your own manager, operating as your own business. Hence, you will have to be quite organized and proactive to be successful.

HHA’s who have a lot of experience under their belt might prefer being self-employed. As opposed to working for a property healthcare agency, you’d have much more freedom and flexibility – but in addition a great deal more responsibility!

A main extra responsibility is scheduling the days and time you will work and actually finding clients who you will work for. You will find that your potential clients each have different needs and requirements of you to fulfill the work successfully. You may find that your revenue will fluctuate – as your work and hours are not assured, and could potentially end at a moment’s notice. These are important concerns to bear in mind in case you are contemplating being self-employed.

When contemplating where to locate a home health aide job, consider what is important to you. Can you thrive with independence from company principles, and are well-organized and motivated to get clients by yourself? Or would you rather belong to a group of medical staff where you’ll get help, training and ongoing jobs? A home health aide job working either for yourself or a company has both upsides and downsides – everything depends upon everything you prefer.

Becoming a Home Health Aide is wonderful career where you can help to improve the quality of someone’s life. It is very rewarding and also a field high in demand for the right person.

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5 Tips To Help You Get A Job As A Home Health Aide

1. Demonstrate That You Are A People Person

Home Health Aides spend all day, everyday working with people. Health agencies and individual families who employ Home Health Aides are looking for compassionate, caring employees who really want to work in health care and help people. A huge part of the job is knowing how to interact with, support and deal with patients.

When you apply for the job, make sure that you highlight in your application any previous experience you have working with people. This could be in the field of health care, but it also could be in other areas such as customer service or hospitality. Give examples from your previous work experience of when you have interacted and helped people, and explain how you think this experience will help you be a great Home Health Aide. If there is no place on the application form for this type of information, start thing about it anyway – you will have a chance to provide these examples in your interview!

When you go for your interview, make sure you energetic and positive. Demonstrate that your people skills are a key part of who you are.

2. Show That You Understand the Job And Want To Work In Health Care

Showing that you understand what the job involves, and that you are very eager to be in health care, is critical. A thorough understanding of the job description and requirements of a Home Health Aide shows the employer that you are serious about the the job as a career. It also prepares you to be able to answer any question that the employer might have for you in a way that is relevant to the role.

In your interview it is likely that employers will want to understand your capacity to deal with stress, as the role can be stressful. Employers will also want to explore your level of empathy with the elderly and the sick – you need to show that you care about the challenges these groups face. Your integrity and your motivation for wanting to be a Home Health Aide will also be key areas which will be explored.

Think about your answers to questions like these in advance of the interview.

3. Become Certified

All federally funded agencies, and many States, require a minimum of 75 hours of Home Health Aide training before you can begin work. Some States have different requirements. While many employers will provide training, it can be an advantage to already have completed this training – especially if you are interviewing with a private employer. In some States you can be registered as a certified Home Health Aide, which can also be an advantage.

Become familiar with your State’s regulations and requirements for working as a Home Health Aide. If certification is required, consider becoming certified in advance of getting a job – it will help you stand out from other applicants.

4. Provide Fantastic References

Many job applications will request that you provide your prospective employer with references. These references are people who know you and are able to confirm how hard a worker you are, how you perform on the job, and whether what you have put on your resume is accurate. Your future employer will likely speak to one or two of the individuals you provide as reference. Make sure you ask people in advance for permission to use them as references, and let them know when they might receive a phone call. Prepare them for the types of questions they may be asked. Emphasise to them that employers are looking for compassionate employees who want to help people.

You will want to provide a list of people who like you and will be eager to help you get the job!

5. Gain Confidence Through Practice

Confidence shows. It makes a good, and lasting, impression. And it will help you to stand out from other applicants and ultimately get hired.

One of the best ways to gain this confidence is to prepare – continue doing your research and practice your interview.

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How Can I Find Home Health Care Jobs?

Home health care jobs are become more and more respected and widely used across America. Many patients that require health care are not in a position to be moved around or have no access to fixed travel arrangements. Home care employment are the answer to these problems, and are such extremely appreciated. These jobs range from short term to long term care. Cancer and dread disease patients will often require the services of home health care for a longer period of time than say, those suffering from a broken leg or debilitating sickness such as pneumonia. With the need for home health care jobs growing from year to year, so too are the available job postings. You can find a wealth of openings if you know where to look for them.

Internet Resources: There are numerous online portals that have vast listings of health jobs in homes in all states across America. There are specific medical recruitment agencies that specialize in health care jobs as well as those that advertise health care vacancies in all sectors, having a special division forhome health care jobs.
MedicalCenters and Hospitals: There will always be references to homenursing jobs posted in hospitals or medical centers. Often patients who were seen to in these particular institutions will post a request for care at home with the doctors or staff there.
Job Fairs: An extremely viable method of finding out what is available in the health care job sector.
Medical Publications: Medical publications narrow down the target market to only medical practitioners who read these magazines and papers. This makes it easier for health care jobseekers to find exactly what it is that they are looking for.
Medical Associations: Becoming a medical practitioner of any sort will more than likely require that you become part of an association. News of home care employment opportunities can easily be found through these resources.
Medical Directories: Monthly or weekly listings that contain all matters of relevance to medical staff and practitioners. From equipment rentals or sales to space to let to job listings.
Word of mouth: This is often one of the most trusted methods of spreading information and news. Notice of home health jobs by word of mouth are usually from a good source and will more often than not be directed towards people that are known to be capable and accomplished for the task at hand. These types of jobs can be advertised in this way, as welcoming a complete stranger into one’s home is quite a touch call, even if it is for medical purposes.

Home health care jobs are always in abundance as more and more people are in need of expert care due to a rise in stress levels in our day and age. This leads to a rise in the contracting of dread diseases and falling ill. Add to that that there will always be ageing people requiring those who are opting for home care employment to help them live out full and comfortable lives.

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